Calvin Strachan | Find a Way To Win
With decades of experience as a professional television and film actor, Calvin Strachan knows how to energize and inspire crowds – from CEOs and entrepreneurs to college graduates and veterans.
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Download Calvin’s 7 techniques for preventing freezing up during your big moments!

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Who is talking about Calvin?

Meet Calvin

Calvin Strachan helps athletes, entertainers and business leaders perform their best under pressure. Countless individuals have been passed over for promotions, lost their position in the line-up and denied their big break because they collapsed under the weight of their big moments.

What makes Calvin different is, he’s been tested, he will fight for you and he will not quit until you achieve the unthinkable. In front of crowds or working one on one as certified professional coach, Calvin has taught tens of thousands how to Find a Way to Win.

Calvin Coaching

Elite performers know the crippling self-doubt that comes with falling short, choking or making deal-breaking mistakes because of trying to be your best when it matters most. As a result, Calvin’s coaching philosophy is not just about motivation and “pump up”. It’s about supporting you to master a set of skills and techniques that will give you the certainty you need to show up and deliver when the stakes are the highest and the odds are against you.

Calvin Live

High-energy workshops, live events, seminars, and coaching sessions are tailored to align with any company or corporate culture.

Popular event themes involve Calvin’s business and career advancement strategies, power-driven health and fitness approaches, wealth and financial mastery, work/life balance, time and life management, and relationship building.

Walk away feeling invigorated, moved, empowered, and equipped with wisdom and guidance to secure optimal personal achievement and permanent change.

Let’s face the pressure,

shock everyone and

Do the Extraordinary!

  • Choking under pressure is not based on intelligence, or motivation, or experience. Some of the most talented people on the planet suffer from choking under pressure. ...

  • One of the very clear associations with someone’s inability to perform under pressure is a lack of confidence. A lot of times people choke under pressure because they don't think they have the confidence to follow through...

  • I do a lot of presentations, and I have for a number of years. So, what do I do? How can I help you be your best under pressure and deliver when stage fright is negatively impacting you?...