Motivational and inspirational personal one-on-one coaching style that helps individuals reverse behavioral traits that hold them back.
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Calvin Strachan’s popular high-energy live events combine networking, hands-on exercises, rousing presentations and group discussions.

Meet Calvin

With decades of experience as a professional television and film actor, Calvin Strachan knows how to energize and inspire crowds – from CEOs and entrepreneurs to college graduates and veterans. In front of crowds or working one-on-one as a Certified Professional Coach, Calvin leads individuals down the path to achieving powerful success in all aspects of their lives.


Discover the Strachan principal for achieving rapid personal and professional transformation. Attend sales retreats, weekend workshop get-aways, or one-on-one executive coaching sessions to pinpoint what’s holding you back, learn how to ascend beyond your circumstances, start climbing over the glass ceiling, and achieve absolutely anything you set your mind to.

High-energy workshops, live events, seminars, and coaching sessions are tailored to align with any company or corporate culture. Popular event themes involve Calvin’s business and career advancement strategies, power-driven health and fitness approaches, wealth and financial mastery, work/life balance, time and life management, and relationship building. Walk away feeling invigorated, moved, empowered, and equipped with wisdom and guidance to secure optimal personal achievement and permanent change.

Let’s take your success to new heights!

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